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L-V 8:00 - 15:00

Training center of Villafranca (Navarra)




Three-story building, which has an area of ??1654 m2, divided into:
- administration area: with reception area of ??student services, offices and offices
- area of ??classrooms, four classrooms, more than 45 m2 each
- area of ??computer science: a classroom equipped for 17 teams
- library and meeting rooms
- workshop area in the building, a space of 250 m2 for the specialties of masonry, plumbing, tiling, plasterboard, painting, scaffolding, formwork
- computer simulation of construction machinery and crane
- area to provide compulsory training in prevention

Outdoor area of more than 15000 m2 to provide:
- tower crane courses
- construction machinery courses: two-seater machines